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  1. kevman65

    Dealing with Covid

    Sorry guys, I just need to ramble and get it out and you bunch of unknown people with a common interest seems as good a place as any. My wife and I both tested positive for Covid last week, her on Tuesday, me on Wednesday. I am vaccinated due to work requirements, she is not. I basically had a...
  2. kevman65

    JT Emissions Recall

    I had received an email from CarFax about this, but waited until I received a letter from JEEP. There IS a recall for JT's. There is a time frame and I'm not sure of the run dates. This has to do with the misfire issues. Seems the system computer doesn't see a misfire as a Code issue so it...
  3. kevman65

    Bet you didn't even notice I was gone.......

    LOL, I know, still too new around here. Just a little word of warning, with the way shipping and stock levels are, computer parts are scarce and there are a TON of re-manufactured (JUNK) parts out there for sale. Mother board on my laptop went kaput thanks to a short in my LCD. LCD replacement...
  4. kevman65

    Happy 4th Weekend Everyone

    Everybody have a fun, safe, crazy weekend. Decompress, imbibe with adult beverages, cook some dead animal, and enjoy family and friends.
  5. kevman65

    JT Rear Axle Seal Leaks

    Read about this elsewhere, sharing here. Passenger rear axle seals leaking. Build dates from Sep 2020 forward. It appears the problem only shows up on the wider axles. Fix is replacing the rear right axle shaft as the shaft, bearing, seal come as an assembly. Currently the back order on the...
  6. kevman65

    JT Ball Joints and Knuckle Questions

    I have read and watched videos about inferior ball joints with plastic internals (JK or JL don't remember now) from the factory. Now I don't know if this was fixed before the JT came out or not. I would like to see if anyone knows if the JT ball joints are the better all steel or still the...
  7. kevman65


    Let me state clearly up front, when it comes to wiring I am a complete bumbling idiot. So with that said, I want to present what I have done and make sure it is kosher. This is on a 2020 JT. I mounted a 10" Baja Designs S8 light bar in amber and wide driving pattern. Ground was simple enough...
  8. kevman65

    Start at a new job tomorrow....

    At the Stellantis Kokomo, Indiana Engine Plant 1. Soooooo, now JEEP will be paying me to buy things for my JEEP and make payments. 🤪
  9. kevman65

    Other Boards crazy products

    Sorry, just saw this was up already elsewhere, I self edited
  10. kevman65

    LED Fog lights question

    I have a '20 JT Rubicon, it has the LED package. One of my OEM fog lights caught something pretty stout and is history. OEM replacement is pretty spicy. Thinking if I'm going to spend that kind of money I could upgrade to something better aftermarket. Now here's my question, between Diode...
  11. kevman65

    Howdy From Indy

    N00B here but not to forums. 2020 JT money eater that demands more attention than any woman. Gonna poke around and read and might even contribute, or not :icon_crazy:
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