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  1. FuriousDz

    30 or 35 spline for the prorock 44?

    Hey everyone, After the holidays im looking to upgrade my front axle to a prorock 44. I will be going with the Trail Leader package so the rear shafts are 35 spline. So my question is up front what are the pro's and con's of going either 30 or 35 spline shafts? The shop Im going through said I...
  2. FuriousDz

    Soft top removal with Lift Assist Bow Assembly

    So I bought the bestop quick disconnects but realized my 2017 JK that has the Lift Assist Bow Assembly so I cant use them. My question though is whats the best way to remove the soft top completely with this assembly? thanks
  3. FuriousDz

    Thank you WAL!!

    Not sure if this is in the right place so if not the Admins can put it where it belongs. I just felt the need to say how really cool it is to be part of this online community at WAL! I recently started a build thread and had posted up a pic of my EVO skins that had just come in. Since Ive...
  4. FuriousDz

    Building of NoCash

    I picked up my 2017 JKU at the end of January after being without a jeep for what seemed like an eternity (little more than 2 years). I actually didnt think I was going to be able to do anything this soon but that was mostly due to setting my sights a little too high. I have this thing I do...
  5. FuriousDz

    EVO Skins came in!

    Evo rock skins came in so I will be doing this next weekend. Looks like its the newer version with the evo laser cut on the center piece rather than the skull on the front part. Read through most of the threads on here about the install so Ill be picking up this If anyone has any other...
  6. FuriousDz

    5 brand new XD 128 Machete (satin black 17x9 -12mm) New Jersey

    Hey guys, long story short, I just ordered these for my JK and had an issue with the website transaction now I have 2 sets of these coming to me. Figured Id see if there was any interest in the second set before I go through the fun of sending them back. Not looking to make any money off them...
  7. FuriousDz

    Rancho 9000 settings, what are you running?

    Ill be installing these soon and was just wondering what everyone has them dialed in at or what a good starting point is? thanks
  8. FuriousDz

    Need some help making a build decision

    Hey guys, So Im looking for some advice, positive or negative thoughts on starting my build. I unfortunately do not have the cash to do it all at once right now but I may be able to split the big stuff between this year and next. Im just trying to figure out which piece to do first or if its...
  9. FuriousDz

    Painless or Switch-Pros control panel system

    Hey all, Looking to go with 1 of these, does anyone have any experience with either or know of any advantage 1 has over the other? They are both around the same price. Painless - P/N 57000 Switch-pros - SP-8100 - Both can run 8 accessories - Painless is (8) 30 amp fuses and (8) 30 amp relays...
  10. FuriousDz

    New 2017 JKU Sport!!

    Hey All, Not new here but Ive been away from the forum for a bit. I had to sell my 2011 JKU sport a couple years ago but I just picked up a new 2017 JKU sport and it feels good to be back! Let me say its been a long 2 years and NOT having a jeep sucks!!! I am so looking forward to building...
  11. FuriousDz

    Not be beat a dead horse but...NEW Teraflex Tire Carrier BREAK

    Hey all. I know lots of you saw and responded to my original thread about the teraflex tire carrier below... So I took off the piece that attatches to the hinge and tailgate today and found more problems...
  12. FuriousDz

    Old news but in case there are any doubters - TeraFlex Tire Carrier Break

    So for the past few days my spare has been a bit noisy and until today there hadnt been any movement. Needless to say I pulled the spare of my teraflex tire carrier And there it was, almost a completely through crack along the entire top weld. If it hadn't been for wayalife sharing his friends...
  13. FuriousDz

    Finally Gave You the Badge

    Hey werent you just an addict a few minutes ago...finally gave you the badge huh :D
  14. FuriousDz

    Dana60/1-ton/F9 question/differences

    Im trying to learn the pro's and con's of the different types of axles and was wondering where the currie 1-ton rockjockIII fits in when comparing it to a prorock 44 and/or 60. I know there is more to this question such as the internal components inside the housing but if I was going to comapre...
  15. FuriousDz

    Evo Rear Skin and Tire Carrier question

    Sorry if this has already been answered, I did a little bit of searching but probably not as much as I should/could have Does the tire carrier get welded or bolted to the skins? Im planning on doing the rear skins first and from the pics Ive seen I couldn't tell how the carrier gets attached...
  16. FuriousDz

    40k too soon for ball joints??

    Hey Guys, so Im having some front end issues with death wobble. Most of the time its fine but certain railroad tracks and bumps will get it going. So I crawled under to have a look and make sure everything was tight then had someone move the sterring wheel back and fourth to see what moved...
  17. FuriousDz

    Full Warrior Cage Safari Straps

    Selling my Safari Straps, they are Full Cage and in perfect condition. No cuts, tears or fading. Asking $325 plus shipping they sell for $440 brand new. PM if interested Thanks
  18. FuriousDz

    All Breeds Jeep show , Anyone on the east coast going?

    Hey All, The All Breeds Jeep show is coming up, July 20 & 21 in York Pa. Was there last year and it was a pretty cool time. Lots of vendors and some really nice rigs. Im planning on going Saturday the 20th, just wondering if anyone on here is going? Here's the link... Happy...
  19. FuriousDz

    Anyone have any success with a windshield repair kit???

    So driving on the highway today and a truck kicked up a nice size rock that left me with a nice little bullseye in my windshield. Has anyone ever used one of those repair kits with success or will am I going to need to have my entire windshield replaced? Thanks
  20. FuriousDz

    Is 6k too much to rotate in the spare?

    So Ive been meaning to roatate my spare in but just have not gotten around to it. My tires have approx 6k on them is that too late to start rotating it in? Thanks
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