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  1. Jsouder53

    The Build and Adventures of Bearbait

    Whelp the driver side rocker arms sound like they need to be changed 🙄
  2. Jsouder53

    Thanks for the Add!

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  3. Jsouder53

    Pet Peeves - What Pisses You Off?

    Why would you say something like that… now I don’t want fast food 😡
  4. Jsouder53

    Say Farewell & Celebrate the Life of Lisa Wade

    My prayers and thoughts to her family and friends. I’m sorry to hear for your loss.
  5. Jsouder53

    Random Internet Shit you've come across
  6. Jsouder53

    SW Florida checking in

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  7. Jsouder53

    Spent a few days in Big Bend National Park

    That looks like a beautiful area!
  8. Jsouder53

    EVO 2.5” at last

    Congrats! It looks awesome!
  9. Jsouder53

    Happy Birthday Ddays!

    Happy Birthday Jerry! 🥳
  10. Jsouder53

    Thank you for the add

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  11. Jsouder53

    Howdy from another Texas kid

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  12. Jsouder53

    New KMC wheels and UD60s

    That didn’t take long! 😂 congrats!
  13. Jsouder53

    Wave from south jersey

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  14. Jsouder53

    AEV 5.7L radiator

    I’ll bet it’s not cheap, but hopefully their new mount will keep the life of the radiator up.
  15. Jsouder53

    Tired of the Jeep leaving me stranded, help me value it so I can sell it

    What kind of miles do you have on it?
  16. Jsouder53

    Wave from Tennessee

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  17. Jsouder53

    Shawn from Virginia

    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana! 👋
  18. Jsouder53

    1980 CJ7 Daily Build

    Haha work smarter, not harder!
  19. Jsouder53

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 🦃
  20. Jsouder53

    New Jeep Ordered

    Congrats! Great looking Jeep!
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