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  1. wjtstudios

    Thanks for the Add!

    Welcome from Detroit
  2. wjtstudios

    Hello all!

    Welcome from Detroit
  3. wjtstudios

    New Jeep

  4. wjtstudios

    Storage prep, leaving Jeep for 3 months

    Mine gets shut down for about four months starting now when the salt starts flying, I keep a battery minder on to keep the battery topped off, other than that, it sits
  5. wjtstudios

    VIDEO : Jeep Gladiator Dynomax Quite Crawler Exhaust System Install

    It does really sound great, and looks a ton better. I do love the sound of the dynomax, I think it sounds better than stock.
  6. wjtstudios

    Rubi sway bar. Keep stock, discos or antirock?

    What’s wrong with it? If the auto disconnect is not working, it’s not hard to disassemble it, clean it and grease it. If you what to change it up and get rid of the factory motor, you can do an EVO no limits Manuel or air disconnect that eliminates that problem all together. That’s for the...
  7. wjtstudios

    EVO 2.5” at last

    Looks awesome, sucks about the wait, but worth it
  8. wjtstudios

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome From Detroit
  9. wjtstudios

    Happy Birthday Ddays!

    Happy Birthday Jerry!
  10. wjtstudios

    Thank you for the add

    Awesome, congratulations post up some pictures Welcome from Detroit
  11. wjtstudios

    New member from Arizona

    Welcome from Detroit
  12. wjtstudios

    OH Christmas TREE - OH Christmas JEEP...

    Just a few, I have to take on a couple extra projects a month to pay for the food bills 😔
  13. wjtstudios

    OH Christmas TREE - OH Christmas JEEP...

    My wife made me break out Christmas tradition of taking the jeep out to a local tree farm, hiking around thru the snow to find the right tree and cutting it down, drag it to the horse drawn hay wagon, and then load it up on the Jeep and head home. Instead we took the Ram to Whole Foods, picked...
  14. wjtstudios

    Howdy from another Texas kid

    Welcome from Detroit
  15. wjtstudios

    Wave from south jersey

    Welcome from Detroit
  16. wjtstudios

    Wave from Tennessee

    Welcome from Detroit
  17. wjtstudios

    1980 CJ7 Daily Build

    Nice having a brother with a crane!
  18. wjtstudios

    Shawn from Virginia

    Welcome from Detroit
  19. wjtstudios

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  20. wjtstudios

    Wave from an old member just back to the forum

    Welcome back from Detroit
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