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  1. Andy5160

    First time Jeep owner!

    Welcome to WAL
  2. Andy5160

    Happy Birthday Ddays!

    Hehe 😜
  3. Andy5160

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to WAL
  4. Andy5160

    Happy Birthday Ddays!

    I’ll be the dick to start it earlier!!! Happy birthday my friend. Live life, be healthy and enjoy whatever it is you like !!
  5. Andy5160

    Suds of the Day

    Really nice one
  6. Andy5160

    New member from Arizona

    Welcome to WAL
  7. Andy5160

    Howdy from another Texas kid

    Welcome to WAL
  8. Andy5160

    Wave from Tennessee

    Welcome to WAL
  9. Andy5160

    Wave from south jersey

    Welcome to WAL
  10. Andy5160

    VIDEO : KC Flex ERA 4 Combo Lights

    So how yours are wired?
  11. Andy5160

    VIDEO : KC Flex ERA 4 Combo Lights

    Thank you
  12. Andy5160

    VIDEO : KC Flex ERA 4 Combo Lights

    Thank you guys. What i will do is I will wire the amber to my fog lights as I run them all the time together with the headlights. Once I need to use Combo white lights ill turn them on from the AUX switch but will turn off the fog lights which will turn off the amber.
  13. Andy5160

    SOLD: ATX Slab Beadlock wheels with Nitto 37x12.50x17 Trail Grapplers mounted

    What a deal !!!!!!!!!!!! It will be gone in a heartbeat i think
  14. Andy5160

    VIDEO : KC Flex ERA 4 Combo Lights

    Soooo, I had my Combo set installed and i have an issue. 1. Amber glow that i wanted to hook up to the DRL's does not work and i have no idea why. From what i remember DRL wire is the white with brown tracer. Disconnected the amber light wire from the DRL wire and just connected it straight to...
  15. Andy5160

    New from PA

    Great looking Jeep and Welcome to WAL
  16. Andy5160

    Hello from Reno

    Welcome to WAL
  17. Andy5160

    New member from Texas

    Welcome to WAL
  18. Andy5160

    JL CB bar more than just for a radio

    This is great. It is a solid product.
  19. Andy5160

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Ordered late Sunday delivered today!!!!!
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