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    Whiskey of the Day

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    Suds of the Day

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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

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    New member from Texas

    Welcome from SoCal 👋
  5. rubiDave

    Ball Joint Replacement

    ☝this. High speed runs down a washboard road will hasten the break-in.
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    Welcome from SoCal 👋
  7. rubiDave

    Jeep Pushing the 2.0

    Congrats to you guys😉
  8. rubiDave

    New to off roading and building skills

    Welcome from SoCal 👋 I wouldn't suggest anything budget if you are serious in pursuing difficult trails on a regular basis. Your Rubicon is very capable as is. I would suggest you continue developing your skills until your equipment is a limiting factor. Do you have recovery gear, winch and...
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    Looks like a good trip. That "damage" will buff out
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    Favorite Quotes...From Ben Franklin Or Whomever...

    "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." -George Carlin "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." -Mark Twain
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    Looking at UD44 axle

    The UD44 is attractive from a price & availability standpoint. However, it is the same 2.5 inch tube diameter as stock and only 1/16 thicker. From a strength standpoint it is weaker than a 3 inch diameter tube like a PR44 or Currie. I don't see the UD44 as a big advantage over the stock rubi...
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    Hello from SoCal Mojave.

    Welcome from the low desert 👋
  13. rubiDave

    Hello again from SC, glad to be back!

    Welcome from SoCal 👋
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    Another new member from North Vegas

    Welcome from SoCal 👋
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    Another newbie intro (north las vegas)

    Welcome from SoCal 👋
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Those trucks don't have snorkles, they're not overlanding.
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    Jeep Pushing the 2.0

  18. rubiDave

    Bonjour de France

    Bienvenue de SoCal 👋
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    Suds of the Day

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