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  1. benatc1

    Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect links? I want to address some disconnects for my Mojave but am feeling to lazy for traditional disconnects, these are a bit pricey but still cheaper than adapting a rubicon sway bar, ect. I'm concerned they may limit...
  2. benatc1

    JT Rubicon high clearance fenders and hard top

    Both only on Jeep for about a month, everything in great shape, would prefer local pick up but may meet someone half way if they aren't too far and price is right Rubicon high clearance fenders black, halogen lights, inner fenders, ready to install -$500 or BO Black hard top, freedom panels...
  3. benatc1

    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    Alright everyone, here is the 2021 Mojave JT in Sting-Gray I picked up over the weekend, traded in the JL Rubicon, plans for this are mainly to be a camping/exploring truck that kiddos and dogs can all come along. This truck didn't come with too many options which I was totally fine with me but...
  4. benatc1

    How do people get offended or hurt by what people say on the internet?

    I still can't wrap my head around how people get offended and hurt even if they are "thick skinned" by what happens or what people say on the internet.. Sent from my HD1905 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. benatc1

    Stock JL Rubicon wheels/tires - Wanted

    Any one out there, semi local to Reno, NV, have a set of stock wheels and tires from a JL Rubicon, or gladiator I guess, that they are looking to get rid of? Sent from my SM-N960U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. benatc1

    Spidertrax 1.75 wheel spacers (4) JL

    Wheel spacers for JL, used for about 2 months. Good shape $125 shipped Sent from my SM-N960U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. benatc1

    The Adventure and Build thread of "Big Red"

    As some of you may be following on JL Wrangler, I figured if put a thread over here as well. After all, I've been here much longer. Actually been meaning to get this up for some time, but regardless here is it. 2018 JLUR, 3.6 auto, pretty much all options but steel bumpers, purchased back in...
  8. benatc1

    JL Rubicon LED fog lights

    Selling my LED fogs. 2018 jl Rubicon, jeep has 6k miles on it. No issues. 250$ shipped. Still in plastic bumper so will throw that in for another 150 if your interested. Bumper does have a rough spot on the underside Sent from my SM-N960U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. benatc1

    Build and Adventure thread for "Big Red"

    As some of you may know we said good buy the the JK yesterday and welcomed in our new 2018 JL Rubicon Unlimited or "Big Red" 3.6L V6 with 8 speed automatic Firecracker Red Color match top and fenders LED light package Black leather interior with red stitching Tow package with AUX switches...
  10. benatc1

    Might be doing a thing

    Short story, might be getting the wife a JL in the next couple days if we can swap enough around and make it all work. Will be trading in the JK and it will be her daily driver but still a weekend warrior once I can get a little work into it. Lots to still sort out but here a few things. People...
  11. benatc1

    Possible future build questions for my 2014 2-door JK

    My plan this winter was to rebuild my factory Rubicon axles to beef them up as much as I could, want to run 37s down the road, so I’ve been looking into all of that, and then the wheels got turning....(pun intended) So my dad is moving out to Reno soon and with him he is bring his many...
  12. benatc1

    Introducing Luna build and adventure thread

    So the wife and I have been working hard this year to get ready to buy a house and continue building our lives together, however since we let the Black Beast go back in September we have really been missing the Jeep part of our life so we started looking to see if we could fill that void. We...
  13. benatc1

    2016 Rubicon, plenty of upgrades/accessories

    Hello all, With a heavy heart i have to try and sell my Jeep, I have some personal issues that i need to attend to and gotta let this go. I've spend the past year pouring my heart/money into this build and unfortunately for me life has forced me in another direction for the time being. Ideally...
  14. benatc1

    Evo Spec King 2.5 rebuild/recharge

    Still need to pull the shock off to get a better look at it, but after the weekend I have a small fluid leak (enough to make a small puddle on the garage floor) coming from one of my rear King 2.5 shocks. once i get it off and see where its coming from I hopefully can get a better idea what i...
  15. benatc1

    Torn boot on rear factory drive line

    Hey all! Managed to peel off the plastic covering on my rear driveline last weekend, seems to be functioning fine at the moment but thoughts on how long I might have until I need to replace it. Plan is to go to a 1350 at some point but funds aren't exactly where I'd like them to be so trying to...
  16. benatc1

    Set of 4 Spidertrax 1.5" wheel spacers for stock JK wheel pattern 5x5

    Hey everyone, selling the wheel spacers from my previous set up, all are in good shape and include all the nuts to connect to rotor. All threads are in good shape. Will clean up a bit before shipping- 100$ includes shipping. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  17. benatc1

    Bent rear axle flange??

    Pretty sure I have a bent rear axle flange- maybe both, kinda hard to tell, but about 1200 miles ago i started getting a chip when applying my rear brakes that went away when i pushed harder. First thought was maybe i forgot to lube up the slides when I installed the rear axle and swapped over...
  18. benatc1

    Need some suggestions/advice on tire carrier options

    Be for Evo released their tail gate mount tire carrier was I set on buying the full Evo carrier with the corners and being done with it but I liked the idea of the tailgate mounted carrier as it would fit my needs and budget well. Currently I have no tire carrier and it is getting old real fast-...
  19. benatc1

    Reno/Carson Wayalifers, Steve's Loop January 1

    going to run Steve's loop on January 1st and looking to get a group together again. Plan to meet at the Chevron in Spanish Springs again. will set a time as we get closer but plan to leave in the am. if more people want to run it on the 31st we can but will have to go early with parties in the...
  20. benatc1

    Reno/Carson Area run 12/17/16 or 12/18/16

    All, I'm hoping to get a run going this coming weekend. I'm free both Saturday and Sunday morning so if people schedule lines up better one way or another I'm flexible. have a couple ideas in mind on where to go but I don't know the snowfall situation everywhere and obviously more is on the way...
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