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  1. JTRay

    Free JTR stock rock sliders

    Free rock sliders for the gladiator. Comes with all hardware. Local pick up only.
  2. JTRay

    Bullwinkle Gladiator Build

    Hey everyone I figured it was time to start a build thread for my Gadiator that’s getting built right now from factory! Not trying to copy Sharkey on cartoon character names. I actually had this name a while ago with it being in the list I made with my Dad. Sadly last June my Dad passed away...
  3. JTRay

    JKRays build of "Squachy"

    JKRays build of "Squachy" Hey everyone thought I should finally start my build thread up of my two door JK I bought a few months back. I have a black two door Rubicon I named her "Squachy". The reason I called her that was at the time I was living in Humboldt County Ca home of the...
  4. JTRay

    Old Gen trucklights for sale. Petaluma ca local pick up only

    I hate to say it but I'm selling my old gen trucklights. Their in good shape and work great also has anti flickering harness. I'm asking $375. Local pick up in Petaluma, ca PM if interested Thanks
  5. JTRay

    Wayalife banners and pride yee yee!!

    I thought I should start a thread for all us that proud to wear them banners and the places/trails we showed them off at! So post em up!! I'll start Pismo beach Last chance canyon Death Valley Ray ⛺
  6. JTRay

    Bakersfield Suds and Cigar!!

    Hey yall the Bako guys are getting together for a Suds and Cigar this next Wednesday 1/29/14 at 6:00pm at the Chuys off of new stine. So if yall want to enjoy some good beer and food meet us there and bring a cigar if you want. :brows: Chuy's mesquite broiler 2500 New Stine rd Bakersfield, CA...
  7. JTRay

    Bakersfield S&C @ Chuys

    Hey yall just thought I would post this up Im gonna be at Chuys on Rosedale this Sunday May 19th @5:30pm for my 21st B day enjoying a good brew and a cigar so if anyone would want to come by and enjoy one with me Ill be there. Hope to see you all there! :thumb::drinks::celebrate::beer:
  8. JTRay

    Put the sun tan on... Beach Pictures

    Thats right ya'll lets see some of your Jeep pictures on the beach! :thumb: Heres mine this last summer in Pismo Beach CA for the car show. Lets see em!! :beer:
  9. JTRay

    Orange-Crush Jeeps! Show off your best "01" here!

    Alright since Eddie is starting all the other colors how about us crush lovers show em off!! :D Here's my Orangegasmic!! :brows:
  10. JTRay

    Monanche Meadows and Sherman Pass Trail

    This weekend my buddies and I went up to Monanche Meadows to go camping and on the way back down decided to run Sherman Pass Trail as well. Both trails were fun but I have to say Sherman Pass Trail was a blast one of my first times rock crawling even though there weren't that many haha. All in...
  11. JTRay

    Sherman pass area...

    My friends and I headed up to Sherman pass area this last weekend to do a little camping and hunting and ended up doing more trail time since I had my jeep it was a blast! It rained most of the day and was in the low 60s this was nice since in Bako it was in triple digits. Anyways here's some...
  12. JTRay

    EVO stinger and 3/4 inch D ring problems

    Hey everyone I was wondering for those of you who have the EVO stinger how did you fit your 3/4 inch D rings on your mounts. I have been trying and trying and got frustrated and started beating things :Disappointed: to try and make it fit with not so much luck. Since I know each are made...
  13. JTRay

    Hey look who i saw in 4wheel parts mag

    In the back of the 4wheel parts mag I saw rubicat on a ATX add, pretty cool!
  14. JTRay

    2012 hard top for sale

    I have no place to store this and Im wanting to go with a soft top so Im selling it. Its in great shape has a few scrapes on the side but they should buff out and its still in good shape I also have the storage bag as well. Im asking $1,800 local pick up only. PM me if interested. Thanks Price...
  15. JTRay

    Pismo beach sand dunes

    This weekend my friend invited me to go to pismo with his family and him to go to the car show and while we were there we went out into the dunes. It was a blast and very fun although I wish I had the double throwdown and bigger tires because I would of loved to go faster out there and not get...
  16. JTRay

    Stock front bumper local pick up

    Have a stock front bumper from my unlimited sport. It does have a few scrapes in the wind deflector but overall in great shape has been on my jeep for about 2500 miles. It has factory fogs and tow hooks!!! Local pick up only. $60 Sorry but I will not peace it out, I'm selling it with all the...
  17. JTRay

    Sweet older jeep!!

    Found this sweet looking commando a couple weeks back and had to take a pic and show it off! :D
  18. JTRay

    Rancheria Rd, Black Gulch 4x4 trail to Keysville

    Well today was my day off and wanting to do something other than the normal stuff I decided to plan a trip from Rancheria Rd to Keysville near lake Isabella. Doing this I did not plan on what crazy trail I would of battled through the middle :crazyeyes: but I learned a lot from it, also what a...
  19. JTRay

    The Orangegasmic build

    Hi yall I figured I might as well have a dedicated thread to building up my Jeep AKA "Orangegasmic" lol. Here is a few stock pic's just to compare with in the future. Here is the list of things I want to get done in the future: :brows: [] Mastercraft front seats [X] Truck-lite LED...
  20. JTRay

    Show off your Jeep!

    Alright peeps lets see the one thing that we all obsess about and empty are pockets on! JK, Cherokee, YJ, TJ if you have one post a pic! :thumb: Ill start heres my Jeep stock right now but not for long. :wings: My dad calls is orangegasmic! haha Im not sure if that names gonna stick. :thinking:
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