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  1. trailraider

    Grenaded T-case ??

    a little JB weld on that , and you should be good to go. :ROFLMAO:
  2. trailraider

    Grenaded T-case ??

    I'm just not sure , I have never seen one come in with issues that were not from some other reason of damage> Like i was saying , how many are out there driving with the hubs unlocked in the upgraded axles with no issue, that to me essentially simulates dolly towing , would it not? I may just...
  3. trailraider

    Grenaded T-case ??

    I have been pondering my method of hauling soooooo... Has anyone here ever grenaded a tcase because their front driveshaft was not spining ? I know a lot of the axle upgrades have the front hub lock to disengage the axleshafts. I ask, as of course the owners manual says to not dolly tow...
  4. trailraider

    Pulled the pin

    Thanks everyone, It was tough to do. being in the same place for 25 years , made a lot of friends and contacts. But on to new adventures for sure.
  5. trailraider

    Pulled the pin

    Well after almost 25 years working with Jeep I have pulled the pin. Officially finished with the brand May 1st of this year. It was a tough descision, but unfortunately with all the changes with in the brand I had to move on. Don't worry I will still keep the Jeep.
  6. trailraider

    Old School Cool

    lol , I have the series on DVD
  7. trailraider

    2013 JKU on a car dolly?

    Sorry , thread revival here. I have a question on this whole flat tow/ dolly tow debate. Has anyone here put the hub conversions in their front axles when they upgrade? and if so whats the tcase scinario? as I see it the pump for the Tcase in on the rear shaft and if people are running the...
  8. trailraider

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Like they say , it's on the internet. so it must be true. 🙄
  9. trailraider

    Fuel Prices

    We got hit with another "carbon tax " increase here in Canada . Brought regular fuel in Alberta up to $6.48 a gallon. beleive it or not , we are on the cheaper spectrum of price.
  10. trailraider

    Stink bugs

    Move to where it gets to -40 in the winter. We don't have issue with them in may area :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. trailraider

    Old School Cool

    The Radio still works , the plug is a little scetchy tho. the ciggarette case is from my great great grand father, WW1 issued. He was told to put it in his breast pocket so it would save is life if hit by a bullet. There is also an old model A coil in the group. a microscope, not sure the year...
  12. trailraider

    SPARE TIRE Inside Your Wrangler

    whats a spare? ;)
  13. trailraider

    Shower Thoughts

    Do plecebos work better on hypocondriachs?
  14. trailraider

    Is All This Becoming TOO Popular?

    Well I can't speak for everyone here , but they are all probably similar to me. Trail stewardship is huge when I go out. 90 % of the time i come back, it's with more garbage then you can imagine. My oldest knows the routine, We see garbage I stop and she tosses it in the back of the Jeep. I...
  15. trailraider

    Random Photos

    Because .... Bacon.
  16. trailraider

    How do we find groups to go out with?

    they probably are not looking to get "ducked" lol
  17. trailraider

    Nebraska. The good life

    Welcome Is that the loop river by chance?
  18. trailraider

    Cold weather package

    trade it in and start over unfortunately.
  19. trailraider

    Dealership BULLSH!T - Gotta Love Them

    I won't lie , I work for a Dealer as anyone could probaly have guessed , I hear of so many issues and bullshit that goes on. Luckily I don't work the front end and have a pretty good standing with customers in my department. But I take personal pride in what I do. But it has not come without...
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