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  1. 10frank9

    VIDEO : The Other Rubicon PART 1 - Wentworth Springs to the Soup Bowl

    Aye, I know those guys! Looked like a fun trip. Adam, Overlander gave her hell.
  2. 10frank9

    Random Photos

    This is one opinionated driver.
  3. 10frank9

    Hi-Lift with Cover (So Cal)

    $40 for a 48” black Hi-Lift with cover and Daystar ha dale isolator. Pickup only in Redlands, Ca. No shipping.
  4. 10frank9

    So Cal FREE parts

    I’ve got some stuff up for grabs: Stock JK control arms (Rear uppers, rear lowers, front lowers). Very well used stock tie rod, makes a good trail spare. Stock front Drive Shaft, great condition. All parts are off a 2013 JKUR. PM me. In Redlands, Ca
  5. 10frank9

    TankJK: My Billet Rubi Build

    Been a while since I’ve hopped on this thread. TankJK sold last month to a fellow Wayalife member. Glad to know it went to a good home. For those who will ask, I didn’t HAVE to sell the Jeep. It was just time for me to buy a truck and give TankJK a new home, someone that will actually have time...
  6. 10frank9

    new trend?

    Is it just me or does his Avatar make him look like Richard Riehle?
  7. 10frank9

    I’m deleting wayalife app!

    :yawn: Who are you again??
  8. 10frank9

    Random Photos

    Random: that one time I went to Nebraska City, NE and had Nebraska to eat and drink.
  9. 10frank9

    Suds of the Day

    Some of these...
  10. 10frank9

    Shark "Tank"

    Shark "Tank" Looks good Sharkey. This is my favorite part.... Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. 10frank9

    DIY Off Roading Jeep Bumper Kits

    Hello and welcome to Wayalife. Feel free to get lost and go promote your shitty DIY bumpers somewhere else.
  12. 10frank9

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

  13. 10frank9

    ARB Diff Covers -- do they rock, or suck?

    They are worth the price tag IMHO. I have them front and rear. Once I banged my front. OEM diff cover on an invisible rock ;) and it crumpled like an aluminum can, I upgraded and have not regretted it. Price hurts at first but once you install them you'll be glad to have such solid armor.
  14. 10frank9

    Random Photos

    Interesting license plate.....
  15. 10frank9

    2014 Rubicon Axles complete

    I call bullshit. You cheapass, probably out harvesting dicks. No WAY you'd spend that kind of money for a Sams Club membership. BTW OP, I'll see Sharkey's two bags of Donkey Dicks offer and raise you a free prescription...
  16. 10frank9

    Random Photos

    Yup both the Shaguar and Bumblebee were together
  17. 10frank9

    Whiskey of the Day

    Holy smokes this whiskey is good. Blue Corn mash, white whiskey. Local and good neat.
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