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  1. Samuelh3

    Larger Breaks for Dynatrac XD60 Axles

    LOL!!! Doh!!
  2. Samuelh3

    Lug nut for Kmc wheels

    Almost spit out my drink. Hilarious!!!!
  3. Samuelh3

    Jeep veering right

    Let us know if this fixes your problem. I'm curious to see how it turns out.
  4. Samuelh3

    Cocktail Hour

    Just a little whiskey to make the day go better. Oh, the cigar doesn't hurt either
  5. Samuelh3

    After market diff covers

    The only reason you need aftermarket covers is for slightly more protection. I've seen a few stock ones get smashed in pretty good, but it takes a TON of effort to do it.
  6. Samuelh3

    Larger Breaks for Dynatrac XD60 Axles

    Has anyone tried putting larger brakes on the XD60 Axles from Dynatrac. WIth 42s, I'm finding braking to be more of a challenge.
  7. Samuelh3

    Death Wobble When Braking

    Definitely start with Rotors, and brake pads as well if they're worn. If your wheels are cupping, then you may also want to check your toe-in. Trail grapplers wear pretty evenly and for many miles.
  8. Samuelh3

    Happy Pride Month

    Happy independence day!!
  9. Samuelh3

    Having major Steering problems

    Glad you got it fixed. Any amount of play in the suspension will definitely make it drive scary.
  10. Samuelh3

    What bolts do you carry?

    I mainly carry bolts for my control arms and shocks/coilovers. They've been known to fall off if you don't check them regularly. A couple of extra lug nuts wouldn't hurt as well.
  11. Samuelh3

    Cougar Buttes or Fissure mountain trail Johnson Valley

    I've yet to spend any time exploring in Death Valley. I might be down for this in Jan. The holiday schedule is insane.
  12. Samuelh3

    VIDEO : EVO Trailing Arms for a Jeep Gladiator Lets You Bomb Across the Desert

    yeah, that makes a ton of sense. I have to assume wheel travel has the most effect on that. Can you recall what the total travel is front and rear? I can do 50/60 on the whoops now, and it's freakin' terrifying (which is probably a good thing).
  13. Samuelh3

    VIDEO : EVO Trailing Arms for a Jeep Gladiator Lets You Bomb Across the Desert

    How does it compare to the DTD on the JK? I have to assume the additional travel in the rear and longer wheel base have to make a huge difference!!
  14. Samuelh3

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Thank you!! Allegedly hit 100MPH on the freeway yesterday. It was smooth sailing with plenty more power to go. Unbelieveable!
  15. Samuelh3

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Well, this just happened. It's a beast!!!
  16. Samuelh3

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    If you can get the custom width you want I'd go that route. Getting the right scrub radius makes a bigger difference than people think. With the standard UD60s it seems like you have to push the wheel way out to clear everything.
  17. Samuelh3

    Do you prefer “On X Off” or “Trails Offroad” (with Gaia)?

    I never found Gaia as intuitive as ONx. I've used both and prefer ONx
  18. Samuelh3

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    I’m already rubbing on 40s in my JK. Can’t imagine the hassle of going to 42s.
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