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  1. grinders&twisties

    The Chronicles of JeepFan and GemHunter

    No your wrong and I'll prove it. Disconnect your fad or turn it on , jack up the drivers front tire. Spin the tire and look the front ds spins. It's splined into the ring gear so it will turn. The fad only disconnects the passenger side.
  2. grinders&twisties

    The Chronicles of JeepFan and GemHunter

    Quote "Since the front driveshaft does not spin while in 2WD, I knew the noise couldn't be coming from the front DS." Only if you have locking hubs is this statement true.
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    Do you listen to jeep podcasts? Jeep Talk Show is what I like.
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    Accuair suspension on Jeep: who else is doing "Peeing Dog" ?

    Questions? When on the trail have you turned the sensitivity off? And ride height off? I gave up on the app and just pay attention to the controller. I have the accuair suspension in my 08.
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    Not much to say but, yes I could use a winch.
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    Spare ground post threads

    Any bolt on the body or Frame
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    Sway bar help!

    Apex is the way to go. Easy to disconnect (don't have to lay on ground) and fully adjustable
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    Not necessarily but I want the system to work fully
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    Got the accuair lift in. Now if I could figure out how to get preset 1 to stay when driving.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Put in the accuair lift kit
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    Duck left on my door handle

    Ducking is kinda neat but I've been tempted to put a my little pony on a bronco.
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    It was a simple thing, the t tap wasn't making connection. So the GPS module was not getting power. All is good now. Thank you Eddie, brad and gepfan. Unfortunately my review won't be glowing or too much bashing just my view honestly.
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    I called him and we are talking about it. Thanks for the help. I'll let everyone once it's working
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    Yep tried it on the app air pressure doesn't stay and can't air up the bags.
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    Touch pad doesn't work. Lights up can do calibration but can't set psi goes to 200 and can't put air in bag manually
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    Well I purchased the kit. The installation took 2 days by my self. Instructions are on-line and downloadable, you need 3. Customer service is in training. Very little in troubleshooting in the Instructions and they don't work weekends. I'm not happy but still giving them a chance. I've got a...
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    Electronic stability control (need advice)

    It sounds like a speed sensor on one of the wheels. Is tire pressure equal? It did on mine sounds stupid but it was enough to make a difference.
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    VIDEO : Jack of All Trades Suspension System

    Just watched the video good testing and congratulations to whom ever is the winner. Seems like it would be a great system now just to get approval.
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