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  1. sipafz

    OBD JScan - Program With Your Smart Phone

    Thread revival; I used JScan to disable the ESS on my 2022 Wrangler with 2L I4 engine and cold weather group. I didn’t realize that disabling the stop / start would also disable the remote start. Further research shows that this is a documented side affect with no further solution as far as...
  2. sipafz

    New to the community Milwaukee, WI

    Nice little project! 🖐🏻 From Saukville.
  3. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Meet Atlas, our 2022 Jeep Wrangler, Sahara JLU in Silver Zynith. We special ordered this beauty on February 2nd and took delivery just 33 days later on March 7th. Incredible how customer orders are prioritized for quick delivery! Atlas will be our travel vehicle as we spend more time on the road...
  4. sipafz

    Desert Storm...

    Looking forward to seeing more of this! 👀
  5. sipafz

    ‘21 TPMS Reset

    Sensors are usually meant to be mounted only one way so they lay close to the rim. If they are backwards they stick out from the rim a may potentially be damaged while installing the tire and setting the bead.
  6. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Got the flip bracket installed and pretty happy with the result. Before: After: I used only 2 of the 3 mounting bolts since one looks like it would be in conflict with the track bar under full compression: I also turned the tie rod clamp from 90 deg to about 110 deg to give maximum...
  7. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    My understanding is that it dampens shocks to the steering system and keeps them from resonating through the steering wheel. It’s probably more of a comfort thing than anything else. Some people do just like you said and chuck them. I’m in the camp of I have a nice riding Jeep and want to keep...
  8. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Just to be clear, the bracket is for Oscar, my 2016 JKU. I recently replaced the front stock stabilizer be because it took a few hits last season and was bent. After replacing it with a new Rancho, I thought it might be a good idea to move it up, if possible and let the tie rod protect me. 😆...
  9. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Rolled of the truck last night. 30 days order to delivery 🤯
  10. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Decided to get a flip bracket for the stabilizer. I’m hoping to reuse the tie rod clamp and clear the differential. I’ve heard that some clear and some don’t. I’m thinking that having a Dana 30 is the best case scenario as far as clearance goes.
  11. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Yes, very true! Looking forward to having her home for spring break in a couple of weeks.
  12. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    50’s in Wisconsin today so I did a little work in the garage; rear shocks, front stabilizer, tire rotation and oil change. I’m saving the front shocks for the next maintenance day. I mounted the rears with the adjusters in which really made them difficult to adjust. I guess it’s worth it to...
  13. sipafz

    Wines of the Week

    Nice looking setup. Is it temperature controlled?
  14. sipafz

    The build of my flag ship Black Pearl

    I hope Rancho or reseller takes care of you after your trip. I have a set of my own waiting for a nice spring day
  15. sipafz

    Eddie…… Thank You Again!

    Congratulations on a great looking Jeep! Any idea on why it took so long to get?
  16. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Incredible how fast this has moved from a thought, to an order, now complete and ready to ship from the Toledo Assembly Plant. Jeep has it going on!
  17. sipafz

    The short waiting game...

    Congratulations! Ordered ours on 2/2/22 and was told 68 days. Yours was less than that, plus the holidays so I’m hoping for the first week of April.
  18. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    No. This is technically my wife’s Jeep, but since she works from home it’s more like my second 😉. We bought the Sahara for all the creature comforts as this will be our travel vehicle for the next bunch of years. My daughter is going to school out east so it’s like a 2,000 mile round trip twice...
  19. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Did a thing today. It’s going to be a long 68 days.
  20. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Was your experience with stock coils? That’s what I have.
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