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  1. Disciple Off Road

    Cost to replace locker actuator??

    For a stock replacement, looking at a good 3-4 hours of labor. Have to pretty much break down the axle and pull the carrier and carrier bearing to replace.
  2. Disciple Off Road

    BANDIT - 2023 Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon

    Awesome! Glad they finally changed the track bars. Was not a fan at all. These are much better. 4.5” is gonna look great!
  3. Disciple Off Road

    BANDIT - 2023 Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon

    3.5”? Cant wait to see it all on!
  4. Disciple Off Road

    In The Shop - Disciple Off Road

    Haha being swamped is an understatement. And of course in the middle of everything I got super sick for a good week. Sneak peak at the front end though…things get tight really fast so working out some details still. Going to make a different TB bracket for the axle. Things are moving along...
  5. Disciple Off Road

    Hello from Florida's East Coast

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  6. Disciple Off Road

    2024 JLR

    Awesome and congrats!! 2-doors are fun 👏🏼
  7. Disciple Off Road

    Hello from Las Vegas,NV

    Welcome to Wayalife!
  8. Disciple Off Road

    KMC Grenade custom bolt pattern.

    We can order Grenades as a blank and have them drilled to whatever lug pattern you need. It’s actually cheap too, like $20 a wheel if I recall. I’ll also add that the Machete’s have been discontinued and no longer available which is a huge bummer.
  9. Disciple Off Road

    Synergy Tie rod availibility

    Assuming you ordered directly from Synergy? I was their the other day and they just recently moved the entire side of Poly Performance to the new building and were moving around the entire fabrication area in Synergy and setting up a couple new machines/benders/welders they got so that may be...
  10. Disciple Off Road


    Awesome! I got to try it out at KOH this year for the first time and was super impressed with the speed. My nerd side really wants one but can’t really justify having one for the small amount of times I could have used it.
  11. Disciple Off Road

    Soft top separation

    Dang what a bummer! Bestop?
  12. Disciple Off Road

    I'm going to do it! Don't try to talk me out of it.

    Think most of us would do the exact opposite and push you to go and not let you back out lol
  13. Disciple Off Road

    Shower Thoughts

    We got “just the tip” here in Cali so wasn’t much on an eclipse to look at.
  14. Disciple Off Road

    Odd resonance from rear on certain bumps

    Describing a “rattle” and “thud” means it could be anything to be honest. With it happening only on a “joint on a bridge” and not a normal bump makes me have to ask…are you sure it wasn’t just the bridge making the noise?
  15. Disciple Off Road from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to Wayalife!
  16. Disciple Off Road

    New from New Mexico

    Welcome to Wayalife!
  17. Disciple Off Road

    DISAPPOINTED with Golden Nugget Laughlin NV

    So it’s safe to assume we won’t be staying there again? 🤣 glad you got it all figured out and not completely screwed over.
  18. Disciple Off Road

    Nevada Newby

    Welcome to Wayalife
  19. Disciple Off Road

    Hi All from the PNW - Happy to be here

    Welcome to Wayalife
  20. Disciple Off Road

    PSC and RPM upgrade - Now steering is too sensitive over 50 MPH

    You mean Hydro assist? Or you actually mean FULL Hydro? But yes positive castor is your friend with PSC.
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